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Health jobs in the public sector

Jobs in the health field have actually risen 2% in the last year, a signal of greater needs in health care. More locum jobs have been posted, those temporary jobs where nurses and medical technical personnel are hired to fill vacancies in remote or less desirable locations, live and work there for a specified period, usually six months, and then on to another location. These are excellent positions, for both the worker and the hospital, as the worker is able to travel and experience different communities, and the hospital workers exposed to these well-experienced nurses and technicians benefit from the experience and new ideas they bring.

•For example, Eden Brown has listed a Locum Consultant Radiologist job for Plymouth and Devon. It is a full time, Director/Consultant level position with a salary of 70-80,000 per year. This position will begin as temporary (until the end of 2009) and possibly continue beyond. Applicant will need to have a special interest in Muscular Skeletal Imaging, and have already worked in the UK. S/he must posses a Level 2 Certificate of Proof of Child Protection Training and a valid NMC Pin number. You can get more information about this job, and apply for it online, at http://www.staffnurse.com/nursing-job-vacancies/locum-consultant-radiologist-55319.html.

Working for the NHS might be the health jobs opportunity you are looking for, as there are 8886 new National Health Service employment vacancies across England and Wales. For example, a Health Care Assistant job was just posted for a hospital in Oxford. This is a permanent job paying up to 16,333 per annum, for 30 hours per week. The successful candidate will join a team which provides high quality nursing care to musculoskeletal postoperative patients. S/he will need to be flexible and enthusiastic, with a positive outlook, initiative, and good communication skills. Additional administrative duties require basic skills with computers.

To apply for this job and others, go to http://www.jobs.nhs.uk/ and search for the words Health Care Assistant. Many such positions exist, and the search will reveal hundreds of similar jobs. For an overview of the picture of NHS careers, go to http://www.nhscareers.nhs.uk/.

For a quick overview of health jobs that are currently available, you might check out www.healthjobsuk.com which has a simple and easy-to-personalise built-in search engine. You can design your perfect job and envision your future health career very easily with the help of this site.

To search for jobs in all parts of the public sector, you should definitely search on http://www.publicjobsdirect.com. This sight has a singular depth of information on every sector, not only Health Care, but Arts, Government, Housing & Regeneration, Environmental, Streets and Transport, and Charities & Not for Profit organisations, to name a few. You will surely find a path to the career you want through studying the information available on this site.


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