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Public Jobs Direct is a major gateway site for public sector employment recruiters (see http://www.publicjobsdirect.com). This website can put you directly in touch with numerous recruitment agencies in the public sector, as well as direct you to available individual jobs. One excellent aspect of this site is the promise to remove jobs as they are filled, so the job seeker wastes no time on jobs no longer available.

You can peruse back issues of Opportunities Magazine, the public sector recruitment weekly, at www.opportunities.co.uk. Here you will find interesting, provocative articles on subjects of interest to the public sector, as well as descriptions of trends. This magazine includes links to scads of jobs and trend news in the public sector – just click on the Job Search tab on the main page. You can also download a PDF version of any issue by clicking on the Library tab in the same location.

For a look at absolutely every possible recruitment website for public sector jobs, you can find them listed at http://www.agencycentral.co.uk/jobsites/government.htm.


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